The department offers Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communication Engineering) degree. The interim exits are available as Diploma, and Advanced Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering. The undergraduates strengthen their knowledge by studying core subjects in mathematics, computational skill, advanced level of science subjects, electrical and electronics. They further develop their skills in the fields of Logic Design, Circuit Design, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Analog and Digital Communication and in the final year they study Mobile & Cellular Communication, Fiber Optics Communication, Digital Signal Processing, Neural Networks, Microwave Engineering, Satellite Communication, Embedded Systems, and VLSI design. 

The department believes in imparting knowledge through class room interaction, realizing the lesson taught in laboratory facilities and finally implementing them as project work. 

Infrastructure and Laboratory Facilities

B.E. (Electronics and Communication Engineering) course consists of different labs as the part of curriculum. Infrastructure and facilities are as per the course requirement prescribed by the parent university and are updated on a regular basis. The following laboratory facilities are available: Basic Electronics Lab, Electronics Instrumentation & Measurement Lab, Digital Electronics lab, Discrete & Integrated Analog Circuits Lab, Analog Communication Lab, Microprocessor Application Lab, Digital Communication Lab, Industrial Electronics Lab, Fibre Optics Communication Lab, VLSI Design Lab, Wireless Communication & Networking Lab, Microwave Lab, Industrial Instrumentation Lab, Advanced Communication Lab and Simulation Laboratory.

Major Equipments & Kits  

Analogue & Digital Communication Trainer                                  EPABX Trainer kit

Antenna Trainer                                                                            Satellite Link Emulator SATCOM-03
Colour TV Trainer                                                                         B-Link ISDN Trainer kit with Protocol Analyzer
Fiber Optics Trainer                                                                      CDMA-01 DSS Modem Trainer kit 
GPS Trainer                                                                                  Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Microwave Trainer                                                                        Spectrum Analyzer
Microcontroller Burner kit                                                              Modules Universal IC Tester
Microprocessor Trainer Kit

Major Softwares  

NI Lab View, MATLAB with Simulink Tool Box, Xilinx, Multisim, ns2 and OPNET.


Student Projects/ Research in the Department

Major Student Projects Completed:



1  Wireless Notice Board Using Raspberry PI
2  SCADA System For Oil and Refinery Control
3  RFID Based Vehicle Identification and Paid Parking System
4  Pocket Braille Keyboard – Reader
5  Automated Petrol Station
6  Wireless Buzzer
7  Biometric License Identification System
8  Touchless Part Detection System with Exechon Enterprises LLC

 Solar Led Based Traffic Signs



1  Wireless Control of Appliances Via Internet
2  Virtual Cycle Simulator Using Arduino and Unity 3d
3  Automated RFID Billing System
4  Foreign Object Detection Using Arduino
5  Fractal Antenna Inspired From Nature
6  Improvised Linear Vibrating Table Using Magnetic Field

 Intelligent Chair



1  Optical Character Recognizer 
2  RFID Based Speed Control
3  Fire Extinguishing Robot
4  Smart Energy Saving Sensors
5  Ambulance Intelligence

 Automated Robotic Waiter



1  Remote Energy Meter Monitoring With SMS
2  Surveillance With Hand Advanced Robotic Project
3  Intelligent Vehicle Speed Control Using Embedded RFID Traffic Signs
4  Traffic Surveillance Using Aerial Robots 

 Web Controlled Centralized Surveillance Rover



1  Intelligent Traffic Control System
2  Smart Wheel Chair
3  Smart Home Next Gen An Application of Wireless Communication in Home  Automation
4  ZIGBEE and RF Based Video Surveillance Robot
5  Wireless Attendance System (WAS)
6  Automatic Parallel Car Parking
7  Automatic Accident Detection System
8  Electro Kinetic Road Ramp
9  Design of Safe Intelligent Water Level
 Monitoring System Used in Dams
10  Smart Irrigation System (SIS)


Major ongoing student Projects:

  • Hand Talk Assistance Glove
  • RFID attendance system supported by database
  • Implementation trifunctional automated system for colleges

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