An Entrepreneur is regarded as a person who has strong vision, drive and sustainability to bear the risks associated with business. He is thought to be the sparking plug who transforms the economic scene.

Need to form entrepreneurship club

In today’s world of globalization there is an urgent need to make the students aware of entrepreneurship programs early in their life and motivate them to innovate and set up their own enterprise to provide jobs to others than be just a job seeker after their education. So much of the emphasis is required to be given on entrepreneurial development. It is a fact that if one gets employment he feeds his own family members but an entrepreneur supports tens and hundreds of families and contributes to the economic development of the country. The true essence of entrepreneurship is to have a novel idea, pursue it with dedication and patience to the road to success. There are various opportunities and challenges that an entrepreneur faces in establishing a small enterprise in Oman. Setting up an enterprise is not an easy task but committed entrepreneur surely succeed and open doors of opportunities to many others.

Entrepreneurship has been found to be an integral part of the economy. Research has shown that entrepreneurship has a positive effect in the national economy. There are various evidences that show how critical entrepreneurs are to the economy. Recommendation in one of the research stated, “Promoting Entrepreneurship and enhancing the entrepreneurial dynamic of each country should be an integral element of any government’s commitment to boosting economic well being”. Another was, “Government policies and programs targeted significantly at the entrepreneurial sector will have a more significant, direct impact than programs simply aimed at improving the national business context”.

It is in this context Waljat College of Applied Sciences formed “Entrepreneurship club” to inculcate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among the students of the college. The “Entrepreneurship club” was formally inaugurated by Mr. Salah Bin Hilal Al Maawali, Director General of Medium and small enterprises, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Sultanate of Oman on 18th Sep 2012. Entrepreneurship club of the college is an organised and systematic development programme designed to help students to motivate him / her for an entrepreneurial career. “Entrepreneurship Club” at WCAS would provide a learning platform to the young students to develop necessary skills to become a successful entrepreneur.

Objectives of Entrepreneurship Club

The objectives of starting an Entrepreneurship club are as follows:

(1) To make the students understand about the real life experiences and the problems encountered in initial phase of starting the venture.
(2) Obstacles faced in making a mark and turning the corner to establish a successful venture is also one of the objectives of this club.
(3) To focus on the need of networking among the entrepreneurs.

How it works

To achieve the above objectives the entrepreneurship club would invite an entrepreneur (small or medium) / officials of the concerned Ministry / Faculties of different college and Universities in the concerned area/ persons related to entrepreneurship / consultants/ expert and experienced persons having knowledge about the entrepreneurship to share his/ her experiences with the students. Secretary and Joint Secretary of the club would assist Professor Incharge and staff members of the club for smooth functioning of the club.

Works related Entrepreneurship

(1) An entrepreneur who has started his own venture in the Sultanate of Oman would be invited at the College for a lecture to share his/ her experiences with the students.
(2) The venture would relate to any of the products or services provided to the consumers / intermediaries in Sultanate of Oman or could relate to the consumers / intermediaries outside Oman
(3) An effort would be made to call him/ her (an entrepreneur) at least once in a year. This implies that an effort would be made to call at least three entrepreneurs in three years of time.

Members of the club

Entrepreneurship club comprises of a Professor In charge and two other staff of the college. At present Dr. G.P. Mishra is Professor In Charge and other staff member is Dr. Ismail Baki Mohammad- Students Affairs Manager. The post for the other club member is to be filled. For smooth functioning of the club a Secretary and Joint Secretary of the club among the students is to be elected when election takes place. So far no election is held for this club.<

List of the programs organized so far

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