Student activities are given high importance as we believe that extra-curricular activities are vital for the holistic development .

The Student Council

The college students’ council consists of president, vice-president, vice-president (international), course representatives, and secretaries for each club. Different positions in the council are fulfilled through a student general election every year. The council organizes various activities for the students who may freely propose their preferred activities through their representatives in the council. Also, the students through student council can participate in several local and international events, including cultural, sports and social activities, organized by higher education institutes including Sultan Qaboos University and other Government and private sector institutions. Students are free to participate in the activities. The activities are conducted under the supervision of the student affairs department and student activity coordinator.

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Activity Clubs

The College has set up several clubs where students can pursue their interests, learn new skills and make new friends.

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Student Engagement Handbook

Student Engagement Handbook

Students Activity Calendar (MO17)

Students Activity Calendar (SP 18)