The Foundation Program (Full time and Part time) is designed to prepare the students with the basic skills needed for their Degree Programs. It enables them to experience the requirements of the main courses and the pace required in studies at the degree level. This program follows a structured ELT pattern, keeping within the Standards of Learning and Learning Outcome Standards provided by Oman Academic Standards for General Foundation Program.

The program focuses on students developing a solid understanding of the four skills of English viz ; Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. In addition, it focuses on students having a basic knowledge of Mathematics, Information Technology, Science and Study skills. The course will help students to develop fundamental aspects in related subjects of their choice in the main Academic Programs that they intend to study at the Bachelor level.

A state of art and well-equipped Language Laboratory offers opportunities to the students in honing and enhancing their communication skills. Frequent competitions are held in Public Speaking, Power Point Presentations, Debates, Quizzes, Group Discussions etc. that help them develop their Language and Speaking skills.

Program Information

Mode of Study Full Time/ Part Time
Study Period 1 year / Level 1 - 14 weeks
             Level 2 - 14 weeks
             Level 3 - 14 weeks
Types FEN (Foundation-Engineering)*, FCA (Foundation-Computer Applications), FBA (Foundation-Business Administration)
Eligibility To be eligible for foundation level program the candidate must fulfill the minimum academic requirements of the respective undergraduate program.

*FEN is offered only as full time mode of study.

Further Information

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Programme Structure

Subject Offering FBA/FCA/FEN